How to Raise Money for a School Trip: 8 Quick & Easy Ideas

Pair that with a nice cup of coffee, and you’re in business. Tap into the element of competition with a fun obstacle course. Your high school can raise some money while encouraging your students to help out in the community. Students can offer their services in a variety of fields – you’d be surprised to see the different skills that many of your students have acquired. With this program, your school will receive our free student pre-pack service.
Donors will text a word like “donate” to the text-to-give phone number for the school and confirm the donation amount. Their credit card information gets saved for future donations, and a reoccurring donate option will help maximize the funds raised. You can spotlight your initiatives and get followers involved in the school’s fundraising events. You can go live on social media platforms with a Livestream fundraising event with an easy-to-add donate button so viewers can donate throughout the live event. This allows your donation requests to be shown to people in your community and establishes your credibility.
School Bell Partners offers a plug-in fundraiser that turns school and district websites into cash! Just have fundraising ideas for high school add it (takes less than an hour), and then promote it to teachers, parents and your community. When your website visitors click on sponsorships and participate in special offers, the school earns. You choose which sponsors are displayed, and the fundraising pretty much happens all by itself—24/7.Connect your school today. Many elementary schools are turning to cell phone recycling fundraisers to raise a ton of money without having to ask for financial contributions from supporters. Plus, it strengthens existing corporate relationships and paves the way for future partnership opportunities as well.
Once you’ve decided on which idea you want to try, check out our blog for easy steps on how to raise money online. The $10 cookie dough tub fundraiser, or the coffee fundraiser are both great examples of one simple price. If you are considering different fundraising programs, choose the one with the easiest explanation. –Selling cookie dough is a lot easier than, First you scratch off these two dots, then see what amount it adds up to. Although the scratch card fundraiser may offer a higher profit on average, you must consider the fact that if they cannot explain it, they cannot sell it.
The stand has become an anticipated community event, and this year students raised $1,300 in just two hours. Proceeds from the annual sale are donated to a nonprofit organization that promotes breast cancer research. People can participate in the trivia night as part of a trivia team. Begin selling tickets and signing up teams early so you know how many people to expect. Encourage your classmates to unplug for the day and get outside!