Catherine Zeta-Jones gives kissing tips to Michael Douglas

Don’t do a passionate, James Bond-esque kiss if that’s not what you do in real life—just remember you’re kissing someone you’ve likely already kissed a million times. So remember those times, and just do it like that. The more you consciously think about it, the more unnatural your kiss will look.
A perfect kiss should have the perfect timing and use of tongues as well as lips. It should be dry, but not too much; it should be done with the intention of tasting your partner, whom you desire so much. A kiss is an important part of a relationship.
Whether you’re a good kisser or not, no one wants a surprise kiss. You can ask first or slowly lean in and see if they meet you halfway. Does your partner only ever give you little pecks on the cheeks, and they don’t really like making out with you? This might be because they like you… but not your kissing.
Stand or sit close to your partner, make eye contact, and let the conversation come to a natural breaking point. You’ll both know when the moment is right. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, run some lip balm over your lips before a kiss. It can make your lips supple and smooth, and using one with flavor can give your kiss a little slippage.
There’s nothing sexier than being close enough to feel your crush’s breath, so as you kiss his neck or cheek or ears, breath gently on his skin. It adds a certain intimacy that takes the kiss to a new level. If this is your first time kissing this person, keep things brief. If you get this one right, there will be plenty more chances to kiss. You want to leave your partner dying to lock lips with you the next time. Kissing tips that are guaranteed to spice up your love life this summer.
Practice tongue and lip movements on lollipops, gum or ice cream cones. Think about how you eat, what feels good in your own mouth and the varying sensations. A kiss should be backed up by genuine feelings of intimacy. Lips should be soft, moist, warm and slightly parted.
If your lips linger, it won’t seem so platonic. If you’re uncomfortable actually kissing the other person’s skin, try air kissing. Lean in so that your cheek is touching the side of the other person’s cheek, and kiss the air with a few quick and audible puckers. For extra effect, pull back, switch sides, and do it again. As you become more comfortable with kissing, try to take the lead on initiating kisses or working on new techniques.
Everyone is different; if they enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll notice right away. The arms are a more personal space compared to the hands. It makes both of you feel more secure if you’re holding on to them. As far as kissing tips are concerned, it might not be the easiest, but it works. And although porn malay to become a better kisser, it still works in your favor.