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We are master breeders and cultivators, perfecting our meticulous cultivation processes to maximize terpene and cannabinoid content. Along the way, we built Colorado’s largest genetic library. Our team produces strains, waxes, and proprietary Live nectars with the highest standards of quality, purity, and flavor expression. Our technology and talented team with an extensive genetic library knowledge come together to create products you won’t find anywhere else.
Hash can also be visually inspected using a jewelers loupe or similar to determine a rating. While subjective, the only true way to determine what is six-star and what isn’t is performing the melt test described previously. If it leaves any significant amount of char, it’s likely a 5-star or below rated bubble hash. Uplifted drivers deliver cannabis product from 12pm to 10pm, Monday thru Friday, and from 10am to 5pm on Saturday & Sunday. Any order submitted outside of our hours of operations will be processed the following business day.
I often make this recipe the night before a special holiday or event (like Christmas, my daughter’s birthday, etc.) and let them rise overnight. During this rise, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F so the oven is ready to go once the dough has risen . After they have risen, they should look like the photo below. If whole melt extracts find the dough is sticking to the rolling surface, add a light dusting of flour. Next, roll the dough into a rectangle that is 24×12” and about ¼” thick. This dough is so easy to work with that this step should be very easy. After the dough has risen, press it down to release the air from it and form it into a rectangle.
Shatter is noted for its extreme purity, although there are variations here as well. It’s difficult to guess the quality of shatter just by looking at it – it can be transparent and low on THC and CBD, or murky but still have a high content of active substances. Still, if you’re buying shatter from reputable manufacturers, it will most likely contain 80% or more cannabinoids. CO2 extraction, also less commonly known as supercritical fluid extraction, is solvent-free, mess-free, and very expensive. It’s also very popular with pros because the product is completely without toxins (unlike, as I’ve said, is the case with butane and propane), while retaining a terpenes-rich flavor. If you’ve been using weed wax and other concentrates , you will know that there are scores of different types available out there.
Today, solventless extraction equipment includes enhanced rosin tech and extends to pills and tinctures as well. Although people generally refer to the total measured potency of a flower or concentrate as “cannabinoid content,” it’s the raw cannabinoid acids that are dominant in bud. Unlike other concentration methods, patients have the assurance that a solvent-free product contains only material that came from the plant. Way too much butter liquified that wouldn’t combine with the marshmallows.