50 Creative Fundraiser Names for Schools

Simply purchase a large amount of buttons from a company dedicated to providing materials for fundraisers and/or charities. You can even invest in a button-making machine and make the buttons yourself. Basically, you’ll sell these buttons to your supporters at events and various happenings within your community.
Require a registration fee for those who wish to enter the competition. Promote the event and come up with a prize for the winner – perhaps a pack of the most popular video games or new headphones. Watch this short video to learn how you can host a community serve-a-thon for your school with utmost efficacy. Recruiting volunteers (and keeping them) is vital to furthering any nonprofit’s mission.
This marks the date that women got the right to vote in America, so what better event to hold than a voter registration drive? Hand out popsicles, get voters registered, and make that donation ask. Recognizing this important and timely matter is crucial to our collective future. Due to societal risk factors, minorities face a greater risk of experiencing mental health issues and reduced access to mental health care. On June 2, 1924, the United States Congress enacted the Indian Citizenship Act.
Ask families and the community to pledge a small amount for each minute that a student can keep their hula hoop going. In this breakfast/ dinner mix-up, a pancake dinner can be a great church fundraising idea that brings the congregation together over a simple meal. Smaller congregations allow for fundraising events that will strengthen the community feeling within your church! Get to know your fellow congregants even better through these creative events. Essentially, this church fundraising idea is a glorified lock-in.
Would they be interested in a kitchen tour of a popular restaurant, or would they rather see what goes behind backstage at a local theater? A tour of your city from the sky is a memory that will last a lifetime for your highest bidder. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas can be an adventurous date idea or great for thrill-seekers overall.
The application period for the FY20 program is currently active at the time of this post through early March. Be sure your department is prepared to apply for the current or future grant timelines. Treat your winner to a selection of gifts from our list but don’t tell them what to expect. You could put a monetary clue of how much the box is worth, but the intrigue of what the box contains should be kept as a surprise. Give away the gift of learning by offering one-on-one mentorships, such as golf classes from a pro or group classes and workshops like cooking, acting, or something arty.
Just like it’s easier for donors to identify with a single individual’s plight than with a faceless group, it’s easier for them to empathize with a single animal. Make the dinner extra share-worthy by setting up napkins for the animals and serving their meals with as much attention as the human ones. Partner with local pet-friendly restaurants that will not only prepare a tasty dinner for the human attendees but food and treats for their animal companions too.